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Security & User Data - Project Camus

Security & Your Data

You Own Your Data

It's important to know that Camus does not own your data. Any user content, including journal entries, goals, issues, negative thoughts, fears, and exposures, are entirely owned by the user. This means you can delete your data entirely by navigating to your settings & deleting your account. This will wipe all of your data from our database.

Data Encryption

All of your data is encrypted with top-of-the-line encryption, both at rest and in transit. This means even if our database becomes compromised, your journal entries are still secure.

Journal Locking

Take your security one step further by password-protecting your journal as well. This will act as a second safeguard should anybody gain access to your account.

Do We Sell Your Data?

No. We will never sell your data.

Privacy Policy

Out privacy policy is available at
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